What is the relationship between society and politics?

The relationship between a society and its politics is symbiotic, and it’s basically the air we need to survive. Some people think that we would be better off without politics, and this is not true, we would only be better off without corruption in politics, but without politics, we would be sailors on a burning ship, which is to say, only food for the sharks that are organized and waiting for us.

Let’s first get a firm grasp of what society is, in simple layman terms society is an organized group of individuals that are associated in various ways. This can be a group that is made to cultural similarities, patriotic purposes, religious beliefs and many many more. The community is a living member of the state that shares common interests, shares its attitude towards things and has the same or similar values.

On the other hand, we have politics, which is basically the prize at the top of the ladder. It’s a play for power and it’s something that resides in all human beings. We as a society all want some form of authority, prestige, recognition, or in other words some form of power. The need to climb to the top of the ladder introduces games, outwitting the competition, diplomacy and other methods of gaining power. This is what all humans desire at various degrees. Somebody will be happy with just a few won battles, and some will only be happy if they win all the battles.

By nature, we are competitive and this gives politics a unique role in our society as this is the ultimate position for competitive people.

So how does one attain a spot in politics?

Simple, they get the backing of the society that they are trying to convince. In short, the relationship between politics and its society is at its core a system that supports each other. Or, at least that is what it should be. We have many issues in our society today and as society gets complicated so does politics. However, we will talk more about that in our other articles, and as for this one we hope that you have come to understand that for a functioning society to even exist, we have to have politics and we have to rely on its system so we can have a better society.