The study proves that medical marijuana can replace dangerous drugs

Opponents of marijuana laws have often argued that the legalization of the use of marijuana would lead to the expansion of drug abuse and would have a negative impact on society. Now that these laws are launched in some countries, the evidence is being accumulated that the truth is actually the opposite.

In fact, it turned out that medical marijuana is so effective in treating pain that many patients stay away from prescribed painkillers, which are a greater threat to society than the use of marijuana ever could be, either in a medical or another way. Healing Empire Review explains everything you need to know about medical marijuana and how to get it in a safe and secure way, and we will tell you how it replaces regular medication.

Reduced sales of regular drugs

In a recent study, scientists found that Medicare reported a $ 165.2 million savings in 2013 on prescription drugs that were used to treat some conditions that can also be treated with marijuana. Among them are depression, pain, seizures, nausea, glaucoma, anxiety, and sleep disorder.

For example, in countries with a legal medical marijuana, recipes for pain medications were lower for unbelievable 1,826 daily doses compared to countries where medical marijuana is not legal. Researchers estimate that Medicare could save $ 468 million on prescription drugs if each state had a law on medical marijuana in force.

The only exception was glaucoma, and this could be due to the fact that the effects of marijuana usually last for only about an hour. Recipes for drugs that do not use marijuana, such as blood thinners, have not decreased.

It can relieve dependence on opiates

This is good news for those who suffer from these disorders because marijuana proves to be a safer alternative than conventional medicine. A study by the University of Michigan found that for patients with chronic pain using medical marijuana, a decline in the use of opiates on prescription was reported in the prevalence of up to 64%. They also said they had fewer side effects and had improved their quality of life by about 45% since they switched to cannabis to control pain.

 Bad news for the pharmaceutical industry

Everything that can divert people from prescribed medication against pains that can cause death and other dangerous drugs is a very positive step, regardless of your personal feelings about marijuana. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry does not share this opinion, because marijuana endangers their profits, which also explains why they hope people will be cautious about the benefits of marijuana oil for problems such as epilepsy.

medical marijuana

Not only marijuana is very effective for many people, but also has very few side effects, and is often more favorable than the pills of the pharmaceutical industry. The study shows that marijuana is a substitute for the dangerous drugs for many people, which may be a bad news for the pharmaceutical industry, but it is good news for everyone else.