How politics affects the advancement of our society

People usually don’t like to talk about politics. While many have their own unique reason, the fact of the matter is that most people don’t even know enough about politics so that they can have a meaningful discussion. That in itself is a sad problem of our society, as many people simply believe that politics are detached from their daily lives, and so they don’t give it enough thought. The truth could not be further from that point of view. Politics are in fact so much intertwined with our daily lives, that it can easily be the most deciding factor in almost everything we do, the thing is most people don’t know or don’t care until it directly affects them.

How do politics affect our lives?

Politics are important, so much so, that every law that we follow has been written by politicians. Even the products that we have in our stores are allowed in our country by politics and cost a certain amount due to the laws that are written by politicians. The future of every country is its people, and so people should be aware of how much politics does affect and can affect their lives. To be perfectly aware just how politics can shape our surroundings, think about the situation of women in Saudi Arabia for instance. Their women were not allowed to drive their cars without a male guardian present. Only today in 2018 has the law been changed so that women can drive the cars without males present in the car. This is a huge difference compared to America and the rest of the western world, where man and women have equal rights.

Another great example of how politics affects our daily lives is if you are a student that wants to study abroad and if you are not part of the European Union or a country that does not have direct access with the country where you want to study, you will then need a visa. The trick is you could be denied that visa, and so your dreams of studying in that particular country have come to an end. globeThis is all because of how politics of your country and the country where you want to study come to terms. If you are lucky that both countries and their politics are on equal terms than you can freely move from one to another without too much paperwork and hassle, but if they aren’t then tough luck.

In conclusion people need to be aware of just how much politics affect their lives, and they should not just go and vote for one side all the time, but in fact, they should research all the sides of the political spectrum in their country, and get to know everything that their political party wants to change and how it will directly affect them and their daily lives. A country without an educated populace about how their politics works will rarely advance towards a greater good, and will always lead down to a corrupt government which is not good either for the country or for its people.