The Shortlist

The three MEPs with the most nominations in each category have been selected as the shortlist.

The printed guide to the Nominees with information on each selected MEP will be distributed in The Parliament Magazine in early September.


This year we are seeking nominations in the following categories:

– Health MEP

The biggest achievement when it comes to advances in the politics of the nation’s health.

– Environment MEP

This award is for the MEP who has made the most valuable contribution in the field of environmental policy.

Includes both advancements in the environmental laws and any teachings regarding the environment.

– Justice & Human Rights MEP

Includes all cases where there have been significant advancements towards human rights and the justice department.

– Development MEP

The development department of the European Parliament includes laws written and changed that help boost the development of certain projects or nations.

– Employment MEP

Changes in employment laws and any beneficiary work done towards the positive change to the employment laws are included here.

– Regional MEP

Regional changes and laws that affect regional changes are included in this nomination.

– Research & Technology MEP

All research geared towards technology and technological advancements are included here.

– Energy MEP

Strides to include new energy sources and implementing laws that help boost the alternative energy sources fall into this category.

– Culture and Heritage MEP

The promotion of the culture of one’s country and other heritage events are included in this nomination.

– Campaigning MEP of the Year

This award is for the MEP who has made an outstanding contribution to a political cause in any area

Who Votes?

The vote to select the winner is open to all MEPs. Each group has three nominations of which can only be one winner. However, there is a chance that one person can be nominated for multiple awards as certain members can have nominations in several categories.

Voting is now open and will close on the 21st September 2018. So, make sure to vote and take part in the awards. For any question about the voting system make sure to e-mail us and we will do our best to answer them in 2-5 business days.