In the past Politics was about the collective good, what about today?

Whenever we are close to the elections, you can hear people talk about politics more and more. The question that is on everyone’s mind is how will this new government be better than the previous one, and are we better off with the political elite or were we doing just fine for the past four years. However, politics is not limited to just your opinion or just one issue, it is in fact, so much more and basically it is intertwined with every aspect of our lives, and the lives of people around us.

So, how does one understand politics and if we boil it down to one specific thing what would that thing be?

The answer is money! In the past politics were about creating new opportunity, opening up the nation to new ideas and negotiation for the greater good of the nation, but today it seems as its only creating opportunity for a few people, and usually, those people are very rich.

Money is the root of all problems, they say, but it is also the root of every political campaign and it is behind every change that is made in the world, whether that change will be for good or bad. Any major political party needs money to fund it and its activities, and where can we find the most money? Well in the big business of course. In the past, there was more money to be had in the government ran the public in the right direction, and taxed it accordingly, but today its more or less in the hands of the few, who get to dictate how politics will shape our world.

future-of-politicsThe question then becomes, can something be done to change this status? Truth be told, it can, but at a snail’s pace. When the politicians only react to the anger of the few instead of the mass, it’s time to understand that we have gotten ourselves in some deep water and that we are probably going to have a hard time swimming out of it.

Rich people get the power and the influence to change things, and unless we get some moral rich people on the double we won’t be having big changes in the political scene for quite some time. Nothing gets politicians jumpier than the saying ” this is bad for business” when they should react like that only when something “won’t be good for the country and its people”

We have entered the age of the “worship of money” and even though it looks grim it’s not all black. We still have freedom and whoever is free has enough power to make a change. The fight will be long and hard but there are still people who can make a difference if they gather under the same banner. The first step in every movement is education. Educating yourself and the people around you will give you a better chance to actively be involved in change.