How Social Media Has Changed Politics

As every age brings with itself new things that the society slowly starts to implement in their daily lives, it was only a matter of time before social media reached the spectrum of politics. While Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms have definitely connected the politicians with their base voters, they have also opened them up to a more direct contact with their critics at the same time.

This has made them more accountable, and more relatable, as many people have not been informed nor have they cared about politics and the current events in it. Most people just care about what is happening in their lives and what affects their lifestyle, but few understand just how much politics has been and will always be an important factor in our everyday life.

So, the question is raised, in this day and age how has social media changed how politics is being perceived by an average voter, and how can people use it to make their voices heard.

– It has made a bridge between the politicians and the voters

While some might argue that this is good or bad, nevertheless it is a fact that there has never been a time in our history when politicians had a more direct contact and a closer one than now with the people, due to the presence of social media. It takes just minutes for politicians to say something and to reach millions of people from their respected social media platforms.

– It has made political advertisements cheaper

Many politicians have to campaign and raise funds to be able to spread their political viewpoint. Social media has made that spreading factor cheaper and, in some cases, completely free.

– Directly asking the public their opinion

iconsWhenever something is going to get changed or newly implemented, the average bloke never learned beforehand what those changes will be. They had to wait for the laws to become active and for the changes to take place before they could voice out their satisfaction or concern. Today, in the age of social media politicians can directly ask the public for their opinion on certain laws or changes to laws, and they can get the feedback in just mere hours.

– It has given a voice to millions of people

This can also be viewed from a positive and a negative side, but the fact of the matter is that it is still true. Millions of people now have a place where they can gather and share their viewpoint, opinions and concerns about certain political topics. The truth is many people don’t have anything good to add to the conversation, but just the fact that an individual has the power to be heard by millions of people and that his or her opinion can be spread to others without the need to physically be present at gatherings and rallies is amazing. Organizing events has never been easier for political figures as well as the voting base.