How are culture, society, and politics connected?

To understand how we can connect these three things we have to understand what are these three things first.


Culture is what individuals create within their specific group of people. At first when people gathered they had no significant traits as to which they would be different from the rest, but as time passed and as groups got bigger, they developed their unique culture that had distinctive differences from other groups. This can be in the form of a unique religion, language, values, and viewpoints on life and everything in it.  In short, culture is the product of all the shared values among every member of a society.


Continuing from the former statement, politics is a process aimed at preserving those values. Politics also aims at protecting, imposing and changing those values. The art of politics is also about gaining and managing power. In our world today, we usually have politics intertwined with the culture of its society, but it does not always have to be connected.


societySociety is what we call a large group of similar or different people that want to interact with each other and that share a territory. Society is usually hat is being governed in one way or another by its culture and its politics.

With these basic explanations, we can come to a conclusion that they are all connected in one way or another, but that they don’t need to be all the time. In this day and age, we have six plus billion people in the world, and it’s hard to manage such a huge society while preserving everyone’s culture with only  the power of politics.

Culture will change once society decides that it needs to change, but that will all boil down to the power politics has on its society and how much power the society has on its politics. Technology in many forms has changed our society, and our society is in some dire need of new ways of management as slowly but surely, we are losing the culture aspect of our society as everything is getting globalized.