About us

Over the last eight years the Parliament Magazine has witnessed much in European politics. Our first magazine was published on September 22 1997 and since that date, hundreds of MEPs, dozens of European Commissioners and national leaders past and present, have contributed to the magazine as the EU has grown, and grown, in political significance.

But it is in recent years, particularly, that our readers in the European Parliament and other EU institutions will have seen most changes to the magazine. Most reflect a new, enlarged parliament’s louder voice and growing importance, not least in the growing number of pages in each issue. The 2005 launch of the Parliament Magazine MEP Awards is a direct consequence of this trend.

Other innovations are set to follow this autumn. Readers will have already noticed our redesign and the success of our regular ‘MEP comment’ sections, involving up to 45 deputies, at any one time, speaking out on topical issues from the appointment of the European Commission to the future of the EU constitution.

Later this month, Parliament Magazine will be taking comment and policy consultation online, giving MEPs the opportunity to get the message across on our website EUpolitix.com. Our online tie-up with the established EU affairs news service will, we hope, give our contributors, both a wider audience and the chance to continue debate outside the fortnightly cycle of our print publishing format.

The magazine will also start be published at EUpolitix, giving a wider readership for articles and interviews. The site attracts over 30,000 readers every month, an audience that, we are sure, will appreciate the political insights, opinions, and analysis contained in the magazine.

We are also looking at opening up the popular EUpolitix bulletin service to MEPs. Our Morning Bulletin will offer parliamentarians the chance to promote and announce calendar fixtures, from public hearings or roundtable discussions to informal or social events. Our free Press Review is also available to MEPs, or anyone in the parliament, delivering the day’s EU political news from Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, and Poland straight to your inbox. So, make sure to register as we create new content every week and we love to share news and stories with everyone that is interested in the politics of the great European Union. With us, at the helm, you will always stay informed about the latest news, happenings, and events in the European Parliament.

But at the end of the day, whether eight years ago or in ten years’ time, there will always be one constant to the Parliament Magazine. Our publication is both written by and for our readers – for MEPs and others leading the work of EU institutions. Our pages are always open and we are looking forward to continuing our work with you into the future.