About the MEP (Members of the European Parliament) Awards

The Parliament Magazine’s MEP awards were built up to perceive delegates who have contributed fundamentally to the administrative, supervisory or budgetary part of the European Parliament through their parliamentary daily activities. In picking the beneficiaries of the MEP grants, respect is given to the candidate’s accomplishments in the year instantly preceding the acceptance of the honor, their past accomplishments and continuous commitment to the European Undertakings and their national voting demographics. We have frequently observed from people in general that they don’t know who is in charge when it comes to politics or what have their achievements been so far. Due to such a need, we in our Magazine’s MEP awards like to point out those delegates that have helped improve European culture, appointees whose difficulties and triumphs are exhibited in their accomplishments, their encounters and life ventures. MEPs that have taken significant risks, invested the energy and have positively affected governmental issues, strategy, and individuals are welcome in every edition of our magazine.

The Parliament Magazine’s MEP awards acknowledge the diligent work of individuals from the European Parliament while likewise praising their accomplishments over a wide assortment of policy groups running from nature to worldwide trade deals and from computerized innovation to domestic cultivating. The awards frequently held in Brussels’ are similar in design to the Oscars. They happen each year at the memorable and glamorous Concert Noble in Brussels, which is only a short walking distance from the EU building and its institutions. The award unites staff from the European Parliament, its Commission, and Committee, and also the more extensive EU members, to celebrate and acknowledge the devotion and duty of our chose European representatives

With its emphasis on ‘legislative issues, arrangements, and positive change for the people, our magazine is a fundamental read for anybody inspired by the EU and its basic leadership process.

Our news and our opinions are blended in a mixed coverage so only the freshest, and most understandable viewpoints are conveyed to the reader. We regularly consult with the committee chairs, commissioners, and other analysts to constantly generate content that will keep close track to any change regarding the European Parliament and its laws.

With our analysis and descriptions never be late to the party when it’s time to vote on the best Parliament member when it comes to specific categories.